Official CMS CMSS™ License Checker. Instructions: Individual must present active, valid and paid for license. Enter in Individual's assigned Meaningful Use CMS CMSS™ License Number. License Number is located under Individual's Name and Awarded CMSS™ Credential(s). License must be valid for 2019-2020 year with current payment on file or forfeit account at which point a new license must be purchased in its entirely, effectively starting the entire program over.
2015 EHR Incentive Programs Final Rule
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ACMSS™ CMSS™ Licensed Certified Medical Scribe Specialists

Pledge for the Cures!

These pledges are determined by the team at ACMSS™ on how many licenses will be awarded based on pledge amount.

 Note: Any amount pledged for annual CMS CMSS™ CURES Licenses annually recur as a subscription at standard MSRP licensing. All website terms and conditions apply. See website and store for details.

Minimum Pledge: $500