Physicians / Administrators: ACMSS Enables Volume Purchase Discounts and Simple Invoice Agreements to Meet CMS CEHRT Personnel Requirements




Product Description

Recertification is a federal EHR regulatory requirement.

Recertification requirements include:
• $85 recertification fee/year
• 3 accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours, as approved by ACMSS

CMS has requested the following toward EHR audit compliance:

• A copy of your CMS/MLN certificate, or
• Documentation of the contact hours spent in the training
• CMS Meaningful Use Personnel Audit Compliance Document(s)

In meeting EHR compliance with CMS, ACMSS will request copies of these if you are selected for verification of the CEUs listed on your renewal form. Any certificate (including Certificate of Completion) for a CMS/MLN training will be accepted. You do not need a CEU certificate.

ACMSS looks forward to our ongoing growth together!
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