ACMSS MEMBER/MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Physicians/CMSS/CMSA; Practice/Practice Administrators; Emergency Departments/Hospitals; Allied Healthcare Personnel

  • Access to annual reprintable CMS-approved Physician/Mid-Level “CMSS” Compliance Documentation
  • MSCAT Training/Resource Manual (includes Integrative Medicine/Preventive Medicine, Specialties/ED/Hospital compliance and MSCAT Certification Preperation in Outpatient Specialties)
  • HIPAA for Scribes Training/Operations Assessment
  • Discount on ACMSS Webinar Town Halls
  • Access to Continuing Scribe Education Units
  • Access to Approved Continuing Scribe Education Units
  • Membership Communication Newsletters
  • Full scope CMSS Credential (high-level clinical informatics/medical assisting, across clinical medicine)
  • Rewarding Career for Pre-Meds, Allied Health Career Professionals, and high-level Physician/CMSS Teams
  • Innovation to wellness through meaningful clinical documentation
  • Secure Innovative American Healthcare Document and Systems Design utilizing Physician/CMSS teams scribing across the entire clinical medicine discipline (i.e., Urgent Care to Specialties; Integrative Medicine)
  • Individualized/customized patient-centric care to improve population health (Integrative Medicine/Specialties/HC)
  • Together, building our bright future across the USA


MEETING CMS COMPLIANCE:  CMS has asked that each provider or practice maintain a copy of the CMSS Specialist crosswalk and CMSS Compliance Certificate document in their files, just as they would retain documentation outlining their individual approach and method, as well as staffing protocols for audit purposes.

*Each account enables secure access and annual printing rights to Individual/Administrator CMS “CMSS” Compliance Certificate(s), available at time of membership renewal.

VOLUME DISCOUNTS/AGREEMENTS:  ACMSS offers volume-discounts across all specialties across healthcare.  Contact ACMSS Leadership for volume-purchase review and agreement(s). Agreements are eligible for all practices, specialites, hospitals, emergency departments, academic institutions, and employment agencies.

MACRA STANDARDIZED CERTIFICATION PACKAGES:  *Effective January 1, all accounts include same certification package, which includes: 1st year Membership only; choice of MSCAT Specialty Certification; eligibility pathway of credential(s); e-MSCAT Training/Resource Manual; and e-HIPAA for Scribes Video/Training Operation Assessment/Certificate.

*NOTE:  Membership is an annual subscription renewal and will renew automatically.  All members have the option to cancel prior to renewal, or within 30 days of renewal posting. If after 30 days, subscription will complete its term without automated renewal the following year.

COMPLIANCE MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL (Year 2+):  Accounts must maintain ANNUAL Membership and 3 hours of Continuing Scribe Education in a 1-year period.  Membership Renewals include new CMS Compliance certificate(s), maintaining active and valid credentials for account verification and audit purposes.

*NOTE:  Membership is an annual subscription renewal and will renew automatically.  All members have the option to cancel prior to renewal.

CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY:  Refunds may be issued by ACMSS within 30 days with receipt of written notification. Include Order # and email(s). Send refund requests to:

*Note: Any refund request following 30 days of posting will simply non-renew the following subscription period. Member will have up to the expiring date to access account.

REINSTATING LAPSED MEMBERSHIP(S):  *As of March 1, 2016, members have up to 30 days to re-activate membership to retain certification.  If 30 days have lapsed, individual will need to purchase membership and retake MSCAT certification to maintain active and valid certification and credentials.