“Building Patient-Centric, Patient-Safe Healthcare Together!”

Join us in creating a patient safe, patient-centric healthcare system, protecting our most valuable asset, the patient.

Together, through certified and credentialed Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS), we will revolutionize American healthcare, onsite, in real time.

The “Physician/Certified Scribe” pathway is a very valuable and protected pathway, meeting national goals, focused today on preventive wellness and care, outpatient to inpatient.

All are welcome, join the movement today. Contributors and sponsors are recognized, in addition to growing Membership, enabling ACMSS’ customized Suite of Services.

To learn more about innovating physician practices, contact ACMSS today. Together, we are a resourceful team, to meet and exceed national goals!

CMS recognizes credentialed and Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS) in meeting CEHRT Personnel Measure, together meeting Meaningful Use, streamlined into MACRA. If not the licensed clinician themselves, all staff must be certified entering electronic data, toward patient-centric, patient-safe care, working under licensed clinician.


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ACMSS encourages America to remain involved in patient-safety initiatives, and, as such bring awareness to protect our nation and people. Visit safecar.gov and theacmss.org/patientsafety at TheACMSS.org to learn more.


Contribute to the responsible growth of the credentialed and Certified Medical Scribe Specialist (CMSS), Certified Medical Scribe Apprentice (CMSA) industry. Foster the professional development of Physician/Certified Medical Scribe Specialists improving operational efficiencies, focused in preventive/wellness, building our patient-centric, patient-safe healthcare systems. Sponsors/Contributors recognized.

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