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Why Transition To A Career As A Certified Medical Scribe Specialist?
In recent years, the healthcare industry has seen a major shift in the delivery of patient care from inpatient to outpatient settings. With the shift, medical practices are expanding to meet increased demands and are expected to hire more Certified Medical Scribe Specialists to handle routine administration and clinical responsibilities, freeing physicians to see more patients. The Certified Medical Scribe Specialist career path offers numerous benefits, including:

Expand your professional skills
Train to take advantage of more than 138,000 new Certified Medical Scribe Specialist jobs expected over the next few years.

Top 20 best jobs
A job as a Certified Medical Scribe Specialist ranks number 18 in best healthcare support jobs in the U.S.

Work more directly with patients
Interact more closely with patients in a field you already love.
Training to become a Certified Medical Scribe Specialist will bolster your resume and open more job opportunities in the rapidly growing healthcare industry.