Physicians and Certified Medical Scribe Specialists Team up to meet National Goals  

Physicians and Certified Medical Scribe Specialists Team up to meet National GoalsFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Physicians and Certified Medical Scribe Specialists Team up to meet National Goals

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ORANGE, Calif., Nov. 30, 2016. The transition to the new presidential administration is creating much speculation over what changes the healthcare may soon see, especially with regard to the Affordable Care Act and Medicare. At the American College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS) we are focused on the most immediate needs of physicians and their practices, and what has not changed is that the reporting and payment adjustment provisions of Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act Quality Payment Program (MACRA QPP) will go into full implementation on January 1, 2017.

“America has two systems designs building on each other—our evolving public healthcare system, and precision medicine, which are both valid and complementary,” says ACMSS Executive Director Kristin Hagen. “ACMSS understands MACRA, given the expertise and understanding coming through the two systems in respect of the patient, client, and healthcare practitioner viewpoints.”

Because of the widespread and increasingly required use of electronic health records, Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS) are becoming more vital to the healthcare industry throughout the nation, and will play a key role in the MACRA QPP. Certified Medical Scribe Specialists, with their expanded credential, are helping clinicians stay focused on providing quality patient care, while relieving them from the burden of charting patient encounters that require ever more detailed documentation.

In the big picture of the American healthcare system, these scribes are helping to streamline practices, bring down healthcare costs, improve patient care, and ease some of the frustrations that are causing physicians to leave the profession. An increasing body of research is showing that the use of Certified Medical Scribe Specialists is resulting in improved physician/licensed independent practitioner productivity, cost and time savings, and better patient satisfaction and patient safety, especially when the physician/practitioner is not electronically savvy, and data entry causes fatigue and dissatisfaction.

The use of Certified Medical Scribe Specialists is also helping physicians focus on wellness, preventive care and precision medicine. Executive Director Hagen is a career clinical informatics professional and healthcare provider who suffered debilitating injuries at age 19 and endured multiple surgeries as a result of an “original” high-powered first-generation airbag accident (1994), and then again a few years later from an accident involving a redesigned second-generation airbag.  She lived with the debilitating injuries for nearly two decades before proposed changes to our healthcare system, and her pioneering endeavors working with her physician, opened the way for her to get better.

“It took more than 19 years of my own research and then several years of ongoing work with my healthcare physician to create a wellness plan to bring me back to full recovery, thus utilizing precision medicine,” Hagen said. “Until recently, our health system has been concentrated on a very narrow view of health that focused on reacting to disease, injury and illness, rather than making people well and keeping them that way. That is changing—preventive wellness is America’s future.”

Hagen said that ACMSS will be reaching out aggressively to the new presidential administration over the coming months to emphasize the job creation, cost-saving and healthcare quality improvement implications of the rapidly growing certified medical scribe profession. At the same time, ACMSS will be actively helping its partners prepare for full MACRA implementation on January 1.

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) acknowledges appropriately credentialed Certified Medical Scribe Specialists in any specialty discipline meeting its standards and regulations. If not the licensed clinicians themselves, personnel must attest for Meaningful Use (now under MACRA’s Advancing Care Information category) and be certified. Certification is available through the CMS-approved Certified Medical Scribe Specialist credential, successfully attesting for Meaningful Use. ACMSS offers several pathways for this certification.

The expanded CMSS credential is allowing certified scribes to go far beyond their traditional documentation roles. At the same time, national curriculum standards for medical scribes are being broadened.  The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) Medical Scribe Specialist Education Review Board (MSSRB) recently released revised standards that reflect the growing roles scribes are taking in practices across the country.

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ACMSS offers several pathways for Certified Medical Scribe Specialists. Please contact ACMSS Executive Director Kristin Hagen directly at or 657-888-2158 if you have any questions regarding the ACMSS program and/or materials.